A few quirky students at the University of Florida came together and asked the question:

"Where is the voice of our city?"

Between the dying school newspaper, the meaningless click-bait of national publications and the disjointed local blogs, it was clear that the people of Gainesville yearned for one central place where they could tune into the pulse of the city, share their unique stories and connect with fresh, relevant content. 

So, those quirky students started writing and GainesvilleScene was born. 

The success of the experiment in Gainesville inspired founder Emma Sullivan to create NativeVox and scale the Scene model out to other cities. What she uncovered was cities all over the country teaming with passionate young people asking the same question: "Where is the voice of our city?"

Through NativeVox, young people finally have a meaningful platform to share their thoughts, fears, stories and unspoken observations.

Through NativeVox, the cluttered and often over-stimulating digital world has been simplified, localized and reimagined.

Through NativeVox, that elusive voice has been found.